This is the first time I am writing a blog post, and I have no idea how to write them. I plan to read more writings and improve my own skills, but for now you are stuck with this. Thanks for reading this, and please give me any comments or suggestions!

Why am I starting now? During the COVID-19 pandemic, I have more time to reflect on my life and the world around me. I read many new books than before that expanded my view of the world, and I want to share some of my revelations.

Why is the blog hosted on This is the website from my old math teacher, and I have not found a good use for it. Some day I will write some guides or make some videos about calculus, but that will not happen soon.

I journal for mental clairty. The world is a chaotic place, but I need to find some meaning in the world to keep sane. However, as Steve Jobs said in his commencement speech, "you can only connect the dots looking backwards". My thoughts or experiences may only become relevant in the future, so I need a way to preserve them. Our memories fade over time. The fading more resembles a drop of ink in a pool of water. Thoughts dissipate, becoming more general over time. However, writings are fixed in stone. By writing down my thoughts from the present, I can get a glimpse into how I feel and think now years in the future. That is invaluable.


Since this is a public-access blog, I will have to restrict posts about more personal matters to friends. The plan is to encrypt some blog posts and add in a script that auto-decodes them. When someone accesses a restricted article, they will be prompted for a passcode. Javascript will use CryptoJS to try to decode, displaying "You cannot access this article" on failure. The passcode can be stored in a cookie for future use. This gives me some privacy without resorting to a log-in system, though it means I cannot revoke access. I think this is good enough.